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Artist or Band

Key Song Tab
Diatonic or
 A Summer Place The Lettermen
Percy Faith
Bb/F Song Tab-D Midi 1 (Bb200)*
Midi 2(F200)
Midi 3(Bb200)*-harp
Abraham, Martin and John Dion DiMucci F Song Tab-D Midi 1(F115)
Midi 2(F88)
All Through The Night Cyndi Lauper Ab Song Tab-D Midi 1(Ab95)
Midi 2(G115)
Midi 3(G120)

Midi 4(Ab105)*-harp
Alone Again, Naturally Gilbert O'Sullivan
Vonda Sheppard
Bb/F Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb120)
Midi 2(F88)
Midi 3(Gb85)
Midi 4(F85)*

Midi 5(F85)*-harp
Always Something there to Remind Me All Saints
Nikki McKibbin
F/G Song Tab-D Midi 1(G148)*harp
Midi 2(F160)
American Pie Don McLean G Song Tab-C
Midi 1(G73)*
Midi 2 (G95)
Midi 3(G95)
Midi 4(G95)
Midi 5(Ab76)
Midi 6(G89
Midi 7(G73)
Annie's Song John Denver
Roger Whitaker
Ab/D Song Tab-D Midi 1 (Ab94)
Midi 2 (D104)
Midi 3 (D116)
Midi 4 (D150)
Midi 5(D60)
Midi 6(D116)*-harp
Are You Lonesome Tonight? Elvis Presley C  Song Tab-D  Midi 1(C66)
Midi 2(C108)
Midi 3(C86)
Midi 4(C76)
As Tears Go By Rolling Stones D?G Song Tab-D Midi 1(D107)*
Midi 2(D110)
Midi 3(G110)

Midi 4(D107)*-harp
Bette Davis Eyes Kim Karnes F  Song Tab-D Midi 1(F115)
Midi 2(F115)*
Midi 3(F115)*-harp
Blowin' in the Wind Joan Baez
Peter, Paul & Mary
C/D/Ab  Song Tab-D  Midi 1(D)
Midi 2(C)
Midi 3(C)
Midi 4(Ab85)
Because You Loved Me Celine Dion Db Song Tab-D Midi 1(Db61)*
Midi 2(C61)
Midi 3(Eb76)
Midi 4(Db65)
Midi 5(Db61)
Midi 6(Db61)
Midi 7(Db60)
Midi 8(C61)
Midi 9(Db61)*-harp

Midi 10(Db61)*-harp
Blue Bayou Linda Ronstadt
Roy Orbison (1963)
Floyd Cramer
Mirelle Mathieu
Andre Rieu
K. D. Lang
Nana Mouskouri
Song Tab-C
Midi 1(Bb101)
Midi 2(F120)
Midi 3(D109)
Midi 4(C94)

Midi 5(F110)
Midi 6(D110)
Midi 7(C110)
Midi 8(B118)

Midi 9(D110)
Midi 10(B90)*
Blue Moon Al Lewis
Fats Domino
 Song Tab Midi 1(Db114)
Midi 2(G134)
Midi 3(G134)
Midi 4(Eb115)
Blueberry Hill  Frank Sinatra
Louis Armstrong
Song Tab-D Midi 1(C93)
Midi 2(A82)
Midi 3(A75)
Midi 4(C104)
Midi 5(Eb110)
Born Free Roger Whitaker C
Song Tab-D Midi 1(F100)
Midi 2(C91)
Midi 3(F90)

Midi 4(F102)
Both Sides Now Joni Mitchell C
Song Tab-D Midi 1(F120)
Midi 2(F100)
Midi 3(C120)
Midi 4(C100)
Midi 5(F120)
Midi 6(Gb100)
Boxer, The Paul Simon A
Song Tab-D Midi 1(A130)
Midi 2(C88)

Midi 3(C170)
Midi 4(C144)
Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) Looking Glass
Kenny Chesney
E Song Tab-D Midi 1(A110)
Midi 2(C110)
 Midi 3(E135)

Midi 4(A110)
Midi 5(A130)
Midi 6(C110)
Midi 7(E122)
Midi 8(E126)
Midi 9(E122)*-harp
Bridge Over Troubled Waters   Simon and Garfunkel
Anne Murray
Elvis Presley
Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb100)*
Midi 2(Eb85)
Midi 3(C126)
Midi 4(C95)

Midi 5(Eb95)
Midi 6(D93)
Midi 7(Eb120)
Midi 8(Eb120)*-harp
Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show Neil Diamond E
Song Tab-D Midi 1(E130)*
Midi 2(F178)
Midi 3(E140)

Midi 4(E130)*-harp
Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrson G Song Tab-D Midi 1(G140)
Midi 2(G140)
Midi 3(Eb170)
Midi 4(G148)
Midi 5(G148)

Midi 6(G144)
Midi 7(G155)
Midi 8(G146)*-harp
Midi 9(G146)*

Midi 10(G146)*-harp
Bye, Bye Love Everly Brothers
Simon and Garfunkel
Song Tab-D Midi (A85)
Midi 2(F167)
Midi 3(C140)
Midi 4(F160)

Midi 5(F166)
Call The Man Celine Dion   Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb72)*
Midi 2(Bb120)

Midi 3(Bb72)*-harp
Captain Of Her Heart Double Blue   Song Tab-D Midi 1 (C97)
Midi 2(Ab97)*
Midi 3(Gb97)

Midi 4(Ab97)*-harp
Carrie Anne The Hollies   Song Tab-D Midi 1(C120)
Midi 2(C132)*

Midi 3(C120)
Midi 4(C132)*-harp
Chances Are Johnny Mathis
Robert Downey
Vonda Sheppard
  Song Tab-D   Midi 1(G110)
Midi 2(F80)
Midi 3(G80)
Chapel of Love The Shirelles
Bette Midler
  Song Tab-D Midi 1(Db200)
Midi 2(F120)
Midi 3(Eb200)
City of New Orleans Arlo Gutherie   Song Tab-D Midi 1(G145)
Midi 2(G135)
Midi 3(C88)
Midi 4(G175)
Midi 5(G135)*-harp
Come a Little Bit Closer Jay and the Americans    Song Tab-D Midi 1(C140)*
Midi 2(C120)

Midi 3(C140)
Midi 4(C140)*-harp
Coming To America Neil Diamond   Song Tab-D Midi 1(F135)
Midi 2(F110*)
Midi 3(F110)*-harp
Come Monday Jimmy Buffet A Song Tab-D Midi 1(A110)
Midi 2(A115)
Midi 3(C60)
Midi 5(A110)*-Harp
Could I Have This Dance? Anne Murray
Vonda Sheppard
   Song Tab-D Midi 1(C100)
Midi 2(C110)
Midi 3(A110)*
Midi 4(A120)

Midi 5(C120)
Midi 6(G90)
Crimson and Clover Tommy James and the Shondells
Fleetwood Mack
Joan Jett
The Pretenders
   Song Tab-D Midi 1(C90)
Midi 2(C95)
Midi 3(Eb90)
December 1963 Frankie Valli and the four Seasons    Song Tab-D Midi 1(C100)
Midi 2(D107)*

Midi 3(D107)*-harp
Do You Know The Way To San Jose? Dionne Warwick    Song Tab-D Midi 1(F168)
Midi 2(F150)
Midi 3(F120)
Dominique Sister Luc-Gabrielle    Song Tab Midi 1(G220)  
Down In The Boondocks Joe South
Billy Joe Royal
   Song Tab-D-1 Midi 1(C155)
Midi 2(G135)
Down On The Corner Credence Clearwater Revival    Song Tab-D-1
Song Tab D-2
Midi 1(C107)*
Midi 2(C103)
Midi 3(F110)
Midi 4(C75)

Midi 5(109)
Dust In The Wind Kansas C Song Tab Midi 1(C96)*
Midi 2(C90)
Midi 3(C90)
Midi 4(C191)

Midi 5(C112)
Midi 6(C90)

Midi 7(C96)*-harp
Elusive Butterfly Bob Lind C Song Tab Midi 1(C96)
Midi 2(C111)
Midi 3(C125)
Midi 4(C146)*
Midi 5(C146)*-Flute

Midi 6(C146)*-harp
Eres Tu Mocededes
Luis Miguel
Eb Song Tab Midi 1(Eb80)
Midi 2(Eb81)
Midi 3(Eb80)*
Midi 4(Eb90)
Midi 5(Eb80)*-Harp
Eternal Flame The Bangles   Song Tab-D Midi 1(G78)
Midi 2(C79)*
Midi 3(G85)
Midi 4(G82)
Midi 5(G88)
Midi 6(G77)
Midi 7(G78)
Midi 8(G88)
Midi 9(G80)
Midi 10(G80)

Midi 11(C79)*Harp
Everybody's Talkin' Donavan
Harry Nilsson
   Song Tab-D Midi 1(F118)
Midi 2 (F120)
Midi 3 (E133)*
Midi 4(D200)
Everywhere Fleetwood Mac   Song Tab-D Midi 1(F120)*
Midi 1(F120)*-harp
Songs     Song Tab-D N/A  
Fallen Lauren Wood   Song Tab-D    
Feelin' Groovy Paul Simon    Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb221)
Midi 2(Bb150)

Midi 3(Bb150)
Midi 4(Bb220)
Fernando ABBA    Song Tab-D Midi 1(A104)
Midi 2(A104)
Midi 3(A96)
Midi 4(A104)*-harp
Five Hundred Miles Away From Home Bobby Bare
Kingston Trio
   Song Tab-D Midi 1(C96)  
Follow Me Uncle Kracker   Song Tab-D Midi 1(F105)
Midi 2(F106)
Midi 3(C106)

Midi 4(F106)*-harp
Midi 5(F106)*words
Georgia On My Mind Hoagy Carmichael
Willie Nelson
Ray Charles
   Song Tab-D Midi 1(C111)
 Midi 2(F65-harp)
Midi 3(E55)

Midi 4(C64)
 Midi 5(F85)
Midi 6(G75)

Georgy Girl The Seekers    Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb120)
Midi 2(Eb124)
Midi 3(Eb130)
Midi 4(Eb110)
Glory of Love Jon Gindick
  Song Tab-D    
Great Pretender The Platters    Song Tab-D Midi  1(G78)
Midi 2 (E78)
 Midi 3 (A188)
Midi 4(A93)
Green, Green Grass of Home Frankie Lane
Merle Haggard
Tom Jones
  Song Tab-D Midi 1(G90)
Midi 2(Bb100)
Green Green (It's Green They Say)      Song Tab-D N/A  
Groovin' Young Rascals F/Eb/Bb  Song Tab-D Midi 1(F100)
Midi 2(Eb107)
Midi 3(Bb105)

Midi 4(Bb112)
Midi 5(F100) with harmonica
Happy Together The Turtles A/D/G  Song Tab-D Midi 1 (A121)
Midi 2 (D119)
Midi 3(G110)
Midi 4(G110)
Midi 5(G119)
Midi 6(D120)
Have I Told you Lately That I Love You? Rod Stewart
Van Morrison
E  Song Tab-D Midi 1(C120)
Midi 2(C140)
Midi 3(Bb69)
Midi 5(C120)
Midi 6(Bb85)
Midi 7(C127)
Midi 9(E73)*-harp
Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Credence Clearwater Revival
The Ramones
John Fogerty
   Song Tab-D Midi 1 (C116)*harp
Midi 2 (Ab116)
Midi 3(C115)
Midi 4(C112)
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother Rufus Wainright, The Hollies
Righteous Brothers, Cher
Neil Diamond, B. J. Thomas
Al Green, Donny Osmond
 Song Tab-D Midi 1(G76 Harp)
Midi 2(Bb88)
Midi 3(G92)

Midi 4(A77) Harp
Midi 5(G95)

Midi (G75)* Harp
Heart of Gold Neil Young
Sheryl Crow
G  Song Tab-D Midi 1(G78-harp)
Midi 2(G84-harp)*
Midi 3(G83-harp)
Midi 4(G93-harp)
Midi 5(G95-harp)
Midi 6(G94-harp)

Midi 7(G)
Help Me, Rhonda Beach Boys Db  Song Tab-D Midi 1(Db137)
Midi 2(Db140)
Midi 3(F130)
Hey Baby Bruce Channel   Song Tab-D Midi 1(G127)*harp
Midi 2(Bb133)
Hitchin' A Ride Vanity Fare C Song Tab-D Midi 1 (C132)*
Midi 2 (C132)*-harp
Hollywood Nights Bob Seger A Song Tab-D Midi 1(A150)*
Midi 2(A150)*-harp
Homeward Bound Simon and Garfunkel Eb Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb90)*
Midi 2(C100)
Midi 3(Eb100)
Midi 4(G100)

Midi 5(Eb90)* - Harp
Honey Bobby Goldsborough    Song Tab-D Midi 1(C140)
Midi 2(G98)
Midi 3(C91)
Midi 4(C151)-harp
Midi 5(C93)
Midi 6(C76)
Hooked On A Feelin' B.J.Thomas
Vonda Sheppard
F  Song Tab-D Midi 1(F126)
Hot Child In The City Nick Gilder
Joan Jett
Bay City Rollers
Pat Benatar
E  Song Tab-D
Midi 1(E120)
Midi 2(E117)
Midi 3(E120)*-harp


House of the Rising Sun BJ Thomas
Bob Dylan
The Animals
C/F/G  Song Tab-D Midi 1 (C115)
Midi 2(C111)
Midi 3(F95)
Midi 4(G82)
I Can See Clearly Now Anne Murray
Jimmy Cliff
Otis Redding
Dusty Springfield
Johnny Mathis
   Song Tab-D Midi 1 (G120)
Midi 2 (G124)
Midi 3 (D111)
Midi 4 (D125)
Midi 5(D120)
I Got You Babe Sonny and Cher F  Song Tab-D Midi 1(F220)*
Midi 2(D200)
Midi 3(F80)

Midi 4(D200)
Midi 5(F220)*harp
I Guess That's Whey They Call It The Blues Elton John C Song Tab-D Midi 1(C245)
Midi 2(C120)
Midi 3(C245)

Midi 4(C244)*
Midi 5(C244)
Midi 6(C105)

Midi 7(C100)
Midi 8(C240)
Midi 9(C244)*-harp
I Just Called To Say "I Love You" Stevie Wonder C/Db  Song Tab-D Midi 1(Db115)
Midi 2(C116)
Midi 3(Db112)
I Started A Joke Bee Jees    Song Tab-D Midi 1(G72)*-harp
Midi 2(Bb76)
I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing New Christy Minstrels    Song Tab-D Midi 1(C120)
Midi 2(Db120)
If I Had A Hammer Peter, Paul and Mary
Elvis Presley
Trini Lopez
Arlo Guthrie
Pete Seeger
Eb/D Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb135)
Midi 2(D180)*
Midi 3(Eb160)
Midi 4(D180)*-harp
If You Could Read My Mind Gordon Lightfoot A Song Tab-D  Midi 1(A120)*
Midi 2(Ab105)
Midi 3(A120)

Midi 4(A124)
Midi 5(D128)
Midi 6(D120)

Midi 7(A120)*harp
If You're Going To San Francisco Scott MacKenzie
Petula Clark
   Song Tab-D Midi 1(C113)
Midi 2(F112)
Midi 3(C114)
Midi 4(C113)
In The Ghetto Elvis Presley B Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb89)*
Midi 2(C90)
Midi 3(Bb87)

Midi 4(Bb89)*-harp
I'll Never Fall In Love Again Burt Bacharach    Song Tab-D Midi 1 (Eb135)
   Midi 2 (Eb116)
Midi 3(Eb122)
Isn't She Lovely Stevie Wonder E Song Tab-D Midi 1(C120)
Midi 2(E119)*
It Ain't Me, Babe Bob Dylan
Johnny Cash and June Carter
C Song Tab-D Midi 1(C120)
Midi 2(Db49)
Midi 3(G117)*

Midi 4(C117)*-harp
It Must Have Been Love Roxette E Song Tab-D Midi 1(C86)
Midi 2(Gb86)
Midi 3(C82)
Midi 4(Eb85)
Midi 5(E82)*
Midi 6(C75)
Midi 7(F100)

Midi 8(E82)*-harp
It's A Heartache Bonnie Tyler
Lorrie Morgan
Juice Newton
C Song Tab-D Midi 1 (C119)
Midi 2 (C140)
Midi 3 (C119)
Midi 4 (119)*-harp
It's All Coming Back To Me Now Celine Dion C Song Tab-D Midi 1(C70)
Midi 2(C88)
Midi 3(C70)*-harp
Midi 4(C69)
Midi 5(C70)
Jamaica Farewell Harry Belafonte E/G  Song Tab-D Midi (G128)
Midi 2(E123)
Jump In the Line Harry Belafonte F Song Tab-D

Midi 1(F117)
Midi 2(F117)*
Midi 3(F117)*-harp

Just The Way You Are Billy Joel C  Song Tab-D Midi 1 (D128)
Midi 2 (C80)
Midi 3(G80)

Midi 3(C145)
Midi 5(G135)
Kansas City Wilbert Harrison
Muddy Waters
Fats Domino
Song Tab-D Midi 1(G140)*
Midi 2(C115)
Midi 3(G126)
Midi 4(Db122)
Midi 5(F116)
Midi 6(C1127)
Midi 7(Db122)

Midi 8(G140)*-harp
King of the Road  Roger Miller Gb/Eb
Song Tab-D Midi 1(Gb123)
Midi 2(Eb125)
Midi 3(C150)
Midi 4(C120)

Midi 5(Gb113)
Kentucky Woman Neil Diamond
Gary Puckett and the Union Gap
C/F Song Tab-D Midi 1(C152)*
Midi 2(C170)
Midi 3(C160)

Midi 4(C170)
   Midi 5(C133)

Midi 6(F168)
Midi 7(C152)*-harp
La Bamba Ritchie Valens C  Song Tab-D Midi 1(C140)
Midi 2(C145)
Midi 3(C150)
Midi 4(155)
Landslide Fleetwood Mac
Smashing Pumpkins
Dixie Chicks
Eb  Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb83)
Midi 2(Eb79)*
Midi 3(Bb167)
Midi 4(Eb88)

Midi 5(Eb79)*-harp
Last Farewell Roger Whittaker
Elvis Presley
Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb80)
Midi 2(Eb90)
Midi 3(Eb85)*
Midi 4(Eb80)
Midi 5(G93)
Midi 6(Gb89)
Midi 7(Eb80)
Midi 8(Eb85)
Midi 9(G93)
Midi 3(Eb85)*harp
Last Kiss J. Frank Wilson
Pearl Jam
Jackie Wilson
   Song Tab-D Midi 1 (G140)
 Midi 2 (F140)
Midi 3 (C140)*

Midi4 (C140)*harp
Midi 5(C126)*harp
Last Train To Clarksville The Monkees C  Song Tab-D Midi (A100)
Midi 2(C192)*

Midi 3(C177)
Midi 4(C210)
Midi 5(C190)

Midi 2(C192)*harp
Lay Down Sally Eric Clapton Db  Song Tab-D Midi 1(Db186)*
Midi 2(A190)
Midi 3(D91)

Midi 4(D96)
Midi 5(D86)
Midi 6(A165)
Midi 7(Db186)*-harp
Leaving on a Jet Plane John Denver
Jefferson Airplane
G  Song Tab-D Midi 1(G101)
Midi 2(G136)
Midi 3(G115)
Midi 4(G)
Let It Be Me Everly Brothers
Kenny Rogers
G  Song Tab-D Midi 1(G93)
Midi 2(C91)
Midi 3(C93)
Midi 4(C70)
Midi 5(G93)
Lion Sleeps Tonight The Tokens Gb
Song Tab-D Midi 1(G135)
Midi 2(F70)
Midi 3(G115)
Midi 4(G126)

Midi 5(F100)
Midi 6(A145)
Midi 7(Gb122)*
Midi 8(F70)

Midi 9(C112)
Midi 7(Gb122)*-harp
Lookin' Out My Backdoor Credence Clearwater Revival Bb  Song Tab Midi 1(Bb105)
Midi 2(Bb215)
Midi 3(Bb192)
Love Me Tender Elvis Presley    Song Tab-D Midi 1(F94)
Midi 2(D75)
Love Me With All Of Your Heart Engleburt Humperdinck E  Song Tab-D Midi 1(E97)  
Love Story (Movie Theme) Andy Williams    Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb100)
Midi 2(C96)

Midi 3(Bb80)
Lover's Concerto Denny Randall
Kelly Chan
Sara Vaughn
   Song Tab-D Midi 1 (G140)
Midi 2 (G140)
Midi 3(Db100)

Midi 4(C120)*
Midi 5(G180)
Midi 6(G120)

Midi 7(G138)
Midi 8(F120)

Midi 4(C120)*-harp
Low Rider War
ZZ Top
Cypress Hill
C/G  Song Tab-D Midi 1(C140)*
Midi 2(Db133)

Midi 3(G96)
Midi 4(C133)
Midi 5(C140)*-harp
MacArthur Park Donna Summer
Liza Minelli
Maynard Ferguson
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Stan Kenton
Wayland Jennings
Bill Chase
  Song Tab-D Midi 1(F90)
Midi 2(F85)*
Midi 3(G180)
Midi 4(F80)
Midi 5(C85)

Midi 6(F85)*-harp
Manic Monday The Bangles D Song Tab-D Midi 1(G116)
Midi 2(Bb102)
Midi 3(D130)
Midi 4(D116)*-harp
Midi 5(G116)
Midi 6(D115)
Margaritaville Jimmy Buffet D Song Tab-D Midi 1(D128)
Midi 2(D125)
Midi 3(D128)

Midi 4(G122)
Midi 5(D128)*

Massachusetts Bee Gees    Song Tab-D Midi 1 (G101)*
Midi 2 (G112)
Midi 3(G104)
Midi 4(G92)
Midi 5(F96)

Midi 6(G101)*-harp
Mean Woman Blues Elvis Presley
Allman Brothers
Roy Orbison
   Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb110)
Midi 2(C170)
Misty Johnny Mathis    Song Tab-D Midi 1 (Eb85)
Midi 2 (D75)
Midi 3 (Eb124)
Midi 4 (Eb124)

Midi 5(E85)
Midi 6(E85)
Montego Bay Bobby Bloom G Song Tab-D Midi 1(G106)*
Midi 2(G106)*-harp
Moon Shadow Cat Stevens C  Song Tab-D Midi 1(C110)  
More (Than the greatest love) Nat King Cole Frank Sinatra Sergio Franchi Johnny Mathis Steve Lawrence Brenda Lee
Ray Charles Buddy Greco Mantovani
Connie Francis
   Song Tab-D Midi 1 (A110)
Midi 2(F120)
Midi 3(C100)
Midi 4(G150)

Midi 5(F100)
Midi 6(C120)
More Than This 10000 Maniacs
Bill Murray (Lost In Translation)
Gb/B Song Tab-D Midi 1(Gb124)
Midi 2(C125)*-harp
Mr. Tambourine Man Bob Dylan
D/G  Song Tab-D Midi 1(D122)
Midi 2 (D121)
Midi 3 (G140)
Midi 4((D144)
Midi 5(Db78)
Midi 6(D121)
My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion E  Song Tab-D Midi 1(E100)
Midi 2(E97)
Midi 3(E100)
Midi 4(E120)
 Midi 5(E120)*-harp
99 Red Balloons Blondie, Nena E Song Tab-D Midi 1(E68)*
Midi 2(E97)
Midi 3(E68)*-harp
Midi 4(C68)
Nikita Eltgon John G Song Tab-D Midi 1 (G84)*
Midi 2 (G95)
Midi 3(G84)*-harp
Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now Jefferson Starship F Song Tab-D Midi (F105)*
Midi 2(F105)*-harp
100 Years Five For Fighting G Song Tab-D Midi 1(G121)
Midi 2(G120)
Midi 3(G121)
Midi 4(C121)*-harp
Midi 5(G121)*
One Moment In Time Whitney Houston C Song Tab-D Midi 1(C100)
Midi 2(C75)
Midi 3(C78)*-harp

Midi 4 (C78)
Midi 5(C75)
Orinoco Flow Celtic Woman
C Song Tab-D Midi 1 (G114)
Midi 2(C117)
   Midi 3(C125)
Midi 4(C114)*

Midi 5(G125)
Midi 6(G114)-harp
Midi 7(C114)*-harp
Patches Dickie Lee C Song Tab-D Midi (C102)*  
Piano Man Billy Joel C  Song Tab-D Midi 1 (C100)
Midi 2 (C140)
Midi 3(C120)
Please Come To Boston Dave Loggins E  Song Tab-D Midi 1(E64)*
Midi 2(E67)

Midi 1(E64)*harp
Please Release Me Inglebert Humperdinck Bb/F  Song Tab-D Midi (F92)
 Midi 2(Bb121)
Midi 3(F100)
Power of Love Celine Dion Ab  Song Tab-D Midi 1(Ab71)*
Midi 2(C70)
Midi 1(Ab71)*harp
Put Another Log On The Fire Tompall Glaser A Song Tab-D Midi (A175)  
Rain Drops Keep Fallin' On My Head B.J. Thomas
Burt Bacharach
F  Song Tab-D Midi 1 (F114)
Midi 2 (F120)
Midi 3(F124)
Midi 4(F115)
Midi 5(F120)
Rainy Days and Mondays Karen Carpenter Eb/A
 Song Tab-D Midi 1 (Eb75)*-harp
Midi 2(Ab75)
Midi 3(G100)
Midi 4(A75)
Ramblin' Rose Nat King Cole
Jerry Lee Lewis
 Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb107)
Midi 2(A100)
Midi 3(F98)
River Deep, Mountain High Tina Turner
Celine Dion
 Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb150)*
Midi 2(C160)
Midi 3(C166)
Midi 4(A168)

Midi 1(Eb150)*Harp
Rose, The Bette Midler
Leann Rhimes
C/Bb  Song Tab-D Midi 1(C66)
Midi 2(C67)
Midi 3(Bb75)
Midi 4(C66)
Running Bear Johnny Preston
Sonny James
G  Song Tab-D Midi 1 (G110)
Midi 2 (G109)
Midi 3(G120)
Midi 4(G110)
Runaround Blues Travelers G Song Tab-D Midi 1 (G150)  
Save the Last Dance For Me The Drifters
Michael Buble'
Ben E. King
Dolly Parton
Jerry Lee Lewis
Carole Laure1
Carole Laure2
Emmylou Harris
|Josipa Lisac
Eb Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb140)
Midi 2(Eb122)
Midi 3(Eb117)*
Midi 4(Eb140)

Midi 5 (Eb117)*-harp
Seasons In The Sun Terry Jacks
Db, Gb
Song Tab-D Midi 1(Db107)
Midi 2(Gb98)
Midi 3(F107)
Midi 4(F85)
Midi 5(F100)*
Midi 6(F100)*-harp
Send In The Clowns Too many to mention Eb/G
Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb60)
Midi 2(G56)

Midi 3(G68)
Midi 4(C192)

Midi 5(Eb200)
Midi 6(Eb200)
Midi 7(Eb60)
Midi 8(Ab190)

Midi 9(Eb48)
Sloop John B. Beach Boys G/Ab  Song Tab-D Midi (G136)*
Midi 2(Ab112)

Midi 3(G136)*-harp
Snowbird Anne Murray C  Song Tab-D Midi 1(C140)
Midi 2(C200)
Midi 3(C156)
Midi 4(C95)
Midi 5(C135)
Something Stupid       Frank Sinatra D/Eb
Song Tab-D Midi (D103)
Midi 2(Eb104)
Midi 3(Db103)

Midi 4(G103)
Midi 5(G102)
Midi 6(Ab104)
Sometimes When We Touch Dan Hill
Kenny Rogers and Tammy Wynette
Barry Manilow
D Song Tab-D Midi 1 (D61)
Midi 2(D88)
Midi 3(D117)*
Midi 4(C104)
Midi 5(F117)
Midi 6(Bb112)
Midi 7(D100)
Midi 8(D117)*-harp
Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme) Percy Faith Orch.
Andy Williams
Tommy Garrett
Maruice Jarre
Roger Williams
G  Song Tab-D Midi (G135)
Midi 2(G98)
Midi 3(G93)
Spanish Eyes Engleburt Humperdinck
Elvis Presley
Willie Nelson/Julio Englasis
C/G  Song Tab-D Midi 1(G104)
Midi 2(C150)
Midi 3(G105)
Spanish Harlem Neil Diamond
Herb Albert/Tijuana Brass
Aretha Franklin
Ben E. King
Trini Lopez
C  Song Tab-D Midi 1(C120)*
Midi 2(C120)
Midi 3(C125)
Midi 4(C108)
Midi 5(G120)

Midi 6(C120)*-harp
Stay Awhile The Bells Eb  Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb84)*-harp
Midi 2(Eb84)*
Stuck On You Lionel Ritchie F  Song Tab-D Midi 1(F63)*
Midi 2(F134)

Midi 3(F63)*-harp 
Sukiyaki Utada Hikaru
4 PM
A Taste of Honey
Kyu Sakamoto
C  Song Tab-D Midi 1(G125)
Midi 2(C75)*

Midi 3(C75)
Midi 4(G50)

Midi 5(G100)-Clint
Suspicious Minds Elvis Presley G  Song Tab-D Midi 1(G114)
Midi 2(G110)
Midi 3(G121)

Midi 4(G114)*-harp
Sweet Caroline Neil Diamond B  Song Tab-D Midi 1(B127)*-harp
Midi 2(C120)
Midi 3(A130)

Midi 4(G120)
Midi 5(B127)
Midi 6(A130)

Midi 7(Bb112)
Midi 8(Bb112)
Midi 9(B126)
Midi 10(B126)
Sweet Pea Tommy Roe C  Song Tab-D Midi 1(C120)*
Midi 2(C120)*-harp
Take a Chance On Me ABBA B Song Tab-D Midi 1(B110)
Midi 2(B108)
Midi 3(1B108)*

Midi 4(B108)
Midi 5(108)
Midi 6(B108)
Midi 7(B108)*-Harp
Take the Long Way Home Supertramp F  Song Tab-D Midi 1(F76)
Midi 2(Bb85)
Midi 3(F75)*

Midi 4(F75)*-harp
Tears in Heaven Eric Clapton A  Song Tab-D Midi 1(A79)
Midi 2(A90)
That's Amore Dean Martin Bb/F  Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb114)
Midi 2(F140)
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye   F/G  Song Tab-D Midi 1(G89)
Midi 2(F80)
Midi 3(F84)
There is Love (Wedding Song) Paul Stookey
Peter, Paul and Mary
Nana Mouskoui
Kenny G.
E  Song Tab-D Midi 1(F62)
Midi 2(E109)
Midi 3(E70)*

Midi 4(C61)
Midi 5(F62)

Midi 6(E70)*-harp
There's a Kind of Hush Herman's Hermits Bb  Song Tab Midi 1 (D130)
Midi 2 (Bb114)
Midi 3 (Bb117)
Midi 4(C120)
Midi 5(Bb121)
Tide is High Blondie (Debbie Harry) B Song Tab-D Midi 1(C100)
Midi 2(B60)
Midi 3(B60)*

Midi 4-(B110)*-harp
Tie A Yellow Ribbon Tony Orlando & Dawn F  Song Tab-D Midi 1 (F160)*
Midi 2 (F150)
Midi 3(F140)
Midi 4(F174)
Tie A Yellow Ribbon #2 Tony Orlando & Dawn F  Song Tab-D Midi 1 (F160)*
Midi 2 (F150)
Midi 3(F140)
Midi 4(F174)
Tighter and Tighter Alive and Kickin'
Tommy James and the Shondells
Eb Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb90)
Midi 2(Eb90)*-harp
Midi 3(Eb90)*-harp (octave lower)
Tiny Bubbles Hon Ho Eb/F  Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb106)
Midi 2(F100)
Midi 3(F120)
Today   C/Gb  Song Tab-D Midi 1(C100)
Midi 2(Gb90)
To Love You More Celine Dion A  Song Tab-D Midi 1(A60)*
Midi 2(A120)
Midi 3(A60)*-harp
Tracks of My Tears Johnny Rivers
Smokey Robinson
A/G  Song Tab-D Midi 1(G95)
Midi 2(A106)
Midi 3(G90)
Midi 4(G95)
Midi 5(A91)
Travelin' Man Ricky Nelson Eb  Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb120)
Midi 2 (Eb120)
Midi 3(Eb115)

Midi 4(D125)
Midi 5(Eb115)
Midi 6(F112)
Twelfth of Never Johnny Mathis G  Song Tab-D Midi (G120)
Midi 2(G96)
Twenty Six Miles Four Preps F  Song Tab Midi 1(F160)  
Una Paloma Blanca Demis Russos
Ray Conniff Singers
G/F Song Tab-D Midi 1(G138)*
Midi 2(F131)
Unchained Melody #1 Righteous Brothers
Everly Brothers
Willie Nelson
G  Song Tab-D Midi 1(G70)
Midi 2(G70)
Midi 3(C66)
Midi 4(C80)
Midi 5(F120)
Midi 6(G120)
Midi 7(C64)
Midi 8(G90)
Midi 9(G70)
Unchained Melody #2 Righteous Brothers
Everly Brothers
Willie Nelson
C/G Song Tab-D Midi 1(G70)
Midi 2(G70)
Midi 3(C66)*
Midi 4(C80)
Midi 5(F120)
Midi 6(G120)
Midi 7(C64)
Midi 8(G90)
Midi 9(G70)
Under the Boardwalk The Temptations G  Song Tab-D Midi 1(F115)
Midi 2(C115)
Midi 3(G120)
Midi 4(G120)
Midi 5(G123)
Midi 6(G126)
Venus Frankie Avalon C Song Tab-D Midi 1(C120)*
Midi 2(C120)
Midi 3(C113)
Midi 4(C120)
Wanderer, The Dion and the Belmonts A/E/C  Song Tab-D Midi 1(A125)
Midi 2(E115)*
Midi 3(A120)

Midi 4(C120)
We'll Sing In The Sunshine New Christy Minstrels
Helen Reddy
Gail Garnett
Skeeter Davis
F  Song Tab-D Midi 1(F110)
Midi 2(F110)*

Midi 3(B120)
Mid 4(F110)*Harp
We Belong Pat Benatar F  Song Tab-D Midi 1 (F135)*
Midi 2 (F133)
Midi 3 (F135)*-harp
What a Wonderful World Louis Armstrong
Roger Whitaker
 Song Tab-D Midi 1(F75)
Midi 2(F69)*
Midi 3(F70)
Midi 4(F75)
Midi 5(F70)
Midi 6(F82)

Midi 7(F69)*-harp
Whatever Will Be Will Be (Que Sera) Doris Day C  Song Tab-D Midi 1(C140)
Midi 2(C140)
Midi 3(C130)
Where Have All The Flowers Gone?   C  Song Tab-D Midi 1(C100)
Midi 2(C120)
Why Me, Lord Kris Kristofferson F/G  Song Tab-D Midi 1 (F97)
Midi 2 (G100)
Midi 3(G118)
Wild Thing - Flute Troggs   Song Tab-D N/A  
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? The Shirelles
The Chiffons
Carol King
Debbie Gibson
Song Tab-D Midi 1(G120)
Midi 2(C92)

Midi 3(Gb145)
Midi 4(C135)*

Midi 5(C135)*-harp
Winchester Cathedral New Vaudeville Band C/G/F  Song Tab-D Midi 1(C130)
Midi 2(F115)

Midi 3(G120)
Wind Beneath My Wings Bette Midler
Kenny Rogers
Nana Mouskouri
Roger Whitaker
Floyd Kramer
Song Tab-D Midi 1(F97)
Midi 2(Bb120)
Midi 3(G90)
Midi 4(A80)

Midi 5(Eb120)
Midi 6(Bb100)
Midi 7(Bb107)*
Windy Association F  Song Tab-D Midi 1(F132)
Midi 2(Eb125)
Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald Gordon Lightfoot A Song Tab-D Midi 1(C148)
Midi 2(G175)
Midi 3(A181)

Midi 4(A181)*-harp
You are the Sunshine of My Life Stevie Wonder C/B  Song Tab-D Midi 1(C118)
Midi 2(127)
Midi 3(C130)
Midi 4(B130)
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me Dusty Springfield    Song Tab-D Midi 1(F80)
Midi 2 (Ab77)
Midi 3(Ab77)

Midi 4(Ab80)
Midi 5(G88)
You Don't Know Me Charlie Rich
Ray Charles
   Song Tab-D Midi 1 (Eb97)
Midi 2 (C80)
Midi 3(C81)*

Midi 4(C73)
Midi -MP3 (C81)*
You Sang To Me Marc Anthony    Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb170)*
Midi 2(Bb170)*-harp
You Sexy Thing Hot Chocolate F  Song Tab-D Midi 1(F107
Midi 2(F120)
Midi 3(F106)
Midi 4(F109

Midi 5(F100)*
Midi 6(F115)
Midi 7(F100)

Midi 8(F100)*-harp
Young Love Johnny Maestro    Song Tab-D Midi 1(F70)
Midi 2(C95)
Midi 3(E100)

 Background song is It's A Heartache (C119)*-harp

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