Interesting things...
2nd Amendment Rights In the USA, we have a 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.
Only in Texas Our "Lone Star State"
Bob Hope This is classic Bob Hope at his best.
Interesting Vehicles From Long Ago These were considered top-of-the-line back then.
Military Advice These slogans are just common sense.
Interesting Videos of 2015 Thought you might find this compilation of videos interesting.
Illinois Politics (as normal) Trying to replace crook "A" with a mess of other crooks.
Interpreting Your VIN This will show you what all those numbers and letter mean in your VIN.
Albert Einstein Quote This is soooo true!
The Year You Were Born This in an interesting trip through time to a "special" year in your life.
Space Shuttle Cockpit For those that have never seen the inside of the Space Shuttle.
Looking at Tomorrow Two islands next to each other - but a whole day apart.
See Your House in the Globe This is kind of cool if you own a home.  You can see the image of your home.
Inside the Cockpit of an Airbus 380 This is mind boggling...
Photos Extraordinaire You might find these interesting photos enjoyable.
5 Laws of Blackjack The 5 indisputable laws of Blackjack.  Now - get out to Las Vegas pronto.
Obama resting his feet Images of Obama abusing the nations furniture in the White House.
Justice for Osama Bin Laden A European perspective of the whoop-ass inflicted on OBL
Religion in the USA This is very interesting to find the religions in the USA.
Military Photos Action shots of planes, helicoptors, bombs and cannons.
The Human Brain Your mind will play tricks on you with these images
Beautiful Images - Consul More absolutely beautify images of our world.
Convicted Felons Find out how close they live to your house.  Enter your address...
Russian Churches Some of the most beautiful churches in the world are in Russia.
Photos from Around The World This is an entirely different way to see absolutely beautiful image.
Fantastic Photos of Roads  Where people find and capture these images is beyond me...
Fantastic Photography You'll enjoy these 360 degree images
Lightening In A Jar Amazing images and interesting thoughts
Story of Two Pebbles There is an interesting moral in this story...
Pulpit Rock in Norway Do not view this is you are afraid of heights.
Beautiful Pictures Some of the most amazing images you'll ever see.
Underwater Photography Amazing photography of underwater places and creatures.
Amazing Roads Unbelievable engineering...
What Happened On This Day? Find out what happened on certain days of the year.
Blessed Are The Cracked.... How to get away with things.
Who Is WE? Does Obama really know the USA?
Moments Very interesting images you can't miss.
Photographer at Grand Canyon This is why there's a Darwin Award
Car Parking Newest way to have your car parked for you...
Dead Snake World's largest dead snake...
Patriotism True patriotism teamwork.
Hema Department Store DO NOT click on anything - let the page load first.
Flowers Beautiful flowers - with an important array at the end.
Police Shooting Actual shooting.  Watch the video first!!!
Air Balloon Show Hot Air Balloon Show In Germany
Natural Fire Waterfall A natural phenomenon of color in a waterfall.
A Place Called Earth Beautiful images from around the world.
From Moscow to Beijing An amazing journey - and beautiful.
Instructions God gives us instructions...
Mensa - New Words Some of these are actually dead-on descriptions.
Magic Cards Where is he getting all the cards from?
Cool Pictures These are "must see" images .
Old Military Pictures Every US Soldier could add a few to this compliation
Our Universe As seen from the Hubble Space Telescope.  Amazing
Black Dots This will drive you crazy!
Bible on one page Big dedication here.
Flu Shot Big question has always been - "Should I get a flu shot or not?"
Grey Area Keep your eye on the center black dot...
Health Stuff for the older folks How's your HDL or LDL?
Harmonica Positions This will keep harpers busy for awhile.
Management Lessons We can all use a little insight on how to do things.
Regular Tunings I can't explain this...
Shaken Do you think they believe in God now?
Snow Plow When you really want to move that snow off your driveway.
Churches Makes you want to start going to church again.
Vacation Planner Make sure your vacation plans include this place.
Tiger Woods' Transgressions Game This will keep you busy for awhile...
Skyscraper Workers I get the heebie-jeebies just watching this.
Red Square Just play this game and it's contagious.

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