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Artist or Band

Key Tab
Diatonic or
Fallen Lauren Wood Eb Song Tab-D Not Available    
Feelin' Groovy
(59th St Bridge Song)
Paul Simon   Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb221)
Midi 2(Bb150)

Midi 3(Bb150)
Midi 4(Bb220)
Fernando ABBA A  Song Tab-D Midi 1(A104)
Midi 2(A104)
Midi 3(A96)
Midi 4(A104)*-harp
Fishin' Hole  Andy Griffith Theme E Song Tab-D Midi 1(C93)
Midi 2(F175)
Midi 3(E195)*
Five Foot Two      Dean Martin C,F,G Song Tab-D Midi 1(C184)
Midi 2(F140)
Midi 3(G180)

Midi 4(C173)
Five Hundred Miles Bobby Bare
Kingston Trio
C Song Tab-D Midi (C96)  
Fly Me to the Moon Tony Bennett C Song Tab-D Midi 1 (C120)
Midi 2 (C120)

Midi 3(C75)
Follow Me Uncle Kracker C,F Song Tab-D Midi 1(F105)
Midi 2(F106)
Midi 3(C106)

Midi 4(F106)*-harp
Midi 5(F106)*words
Folsom Prison Blues Johnny Cash E Song Tab-D Midi 1(E185)
Midi 2(C109)
Midi 3(C110)
Midi 4(E115)*

Midi 5(E115)*-harp
Footloose Kenny Loggins Eb, A Song Tab-D Midi 1(A145)
Midi 2(Eb180)
Midi 3(A176)
Midi 4(Eb89)-harp
For He's a Jolly Good Fellow     Song Tab-D Midi (G100)  
Four Strong Winds Bobby Bare
Ian/Sylvia Tyson
C,Eb,E=Db Song Tab-D Mid1(C120)
Midi 2(Eb95)

Midi 3(Db115)
For The Good Times Kris Kristofferson
Al Green
Billy Walker
Jim Reeves
Englebert Humperdink
Kenny Rogers
Lynn Anderson
Perry Como
Ray Price
Sonny James
Tyrone Davis
D Song Tab-D Midi 1(A107)
Midi 2(D96)*
Midi 3(D96)
Midi 4(Ab100)
Midi 5(F85)-harp
Midi 6(D96)*-harp


  Background song is Four Strong Winds

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