On The Road Again
Willie Nelson, Jon Gindick

Midi 1 (Db100)   Midi 2(Eb120)*-harp
Midi 3(E111)    Midi 4(E120)

Very easy County song to learn.
Play to the tab or Willie's song.
Tabbed by Mark Purintun 11/05


Two New Songs

I love songs. I love to learn them, interpret them so they work for me and my skills.
Many harp players learn only riffs, and the I-IV-V.
My opinion: they should also be learning songs.
It develops your ear. It gets you playing in chord progressions naturally.
The more you learn the easier it gets.
The thing to do, I think, is to practice in phrases.
Then tie the phrases together to make the complete song.
And don't be afraid to sing!
Memorize the lyrics, feel the rhythm and be able to generate it.
Learn to tab your songs yourself.

I spend a lot of time exploring which position to use on harmonica. For instance, "The Glory of Love" sounds great in 1st position, and you
can play the melody fairly exact. Cross Harp swings more for me than Straight Harp, so I am trying it that way too. When you are playing
a song solo, the exact melody is pretty important to perform, at least one time. When you are accompanying someone who is singing the
song, you still want to craft a solo off the melody, but you can improvise around sore spots, or even leave notes or phrases out .

d=draw d= draw * means bend bend half step, ** bend whole step / means articulate

The Glory of Love 2nd Position

1d 2b 1d 3d 2d 2b 1d
Youíve got to give a little

4b 3d** 2d* 1d
Take a little

4d / 3d 4d / 4d 4b 3d 3d**
And let your poor heart break a little

3d / 3d 3d** 3b
Thatís the stor y of

3d** / / 3b 2d*3d
Thatís the glor y of love.

(3b 4b 3d 4b 5d 6b 5d 5b)

3b 4b 3d 4b 4d 3d* / 2d
As long as thereís the two of us,

4d / / 3d / 4b 4d 3d
Weíve got the world and all its charms

3b 4b 3d 4b 5d 3d* / 2d
And when the world is through with us

3d 2d 3d 3d 3d**
Weíve got each otherís arms.

Youíve got to win a little, Lose a little

Yes, and always have the blues a little
Thatís the story of, that's the glory of love

d=draw d= draw * means bend bend half step, ** bend whole step / means articulate

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