Blue Bayou
Linda Ronstadt, Roy Orbison

Midi 1(Bb101)  Midi 2(F120)  Midi 3(D109)  Midi 4(C94)

Midi 5(F110)  Midi 6(D110)  Midi 7(C110)  Midi 8(B118)

Midi 9(D110)  Midi 10(B100)*

Tabbed by Mark Purintun 3-05

For the Chromatic harmonica
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-6P = draw hole 6 and push slide in


 RRRr -6P   -6P 7P -7P  -8   -8    -7P -8 -7P 7P r
|      I | feel so bad Iíve got | worred  mi nd. |
 R-6P 7P -7P  -8    -7P  7P -7P 7P R R -6P 7P  -7P -8  -7P 7P -7P  7P -6P  
| Iím so lonesome | all the  ti me. | Since I left my | ba by  be hind on |
   -8  -8 7P -6P
| blue ba y   ou. |

 RRRR  R-6P 7P -7P -8     -7P -8 -7P  7P r R -6P 7P   -7P  -8   -7P  7P     7P R
|     | Saving nickels, | saving  di mes, | working ítill the | sun donít shine. |
 R -6P 7P -7P -8 -7P   -7P7P-7P  7P  -6P -6P   -8 -8 7P -6P
| Looking forward to | happier times on blue | ba yo  u  u. |

 RRr -12 -12-12    -12 -11P -11P R -12 -11P r-11P 11P -11P   11P -10P R
|    Iím go in' | back some day | come what   may to  blue | ba   you. |
 RRR   11P -11P   -12 -11P -11P 11P -11P  -12-11P -11P 11P -11P  11P -10P R
|    Where you | sleep all day  and the | catfish play on | blue bay  ou.   |
 RRR-11P  -11     12 -12  -12  -11P  -12      12 -12 -12 -12 12 -12 11P 10    -9
|    All those | fishing boats with their | sails afloat if  I could on ly |
   -6 -10P -10P  11P -10P 11P -10P  -10P     11P -11P 11P -10P -9P   9P -8  -8 -8 R
| see that fam | il   iar sunrise through | sleep  y  ey   es, how | happy Iíd be.  |

Go to see my baby again
And to be with some of my friends
Maybe Iíd be happy then on blue bayou

Iím going back some day, gonna stay on blue bayou
Where the folks are fine and the world is mine on blue bayou
Oh, that girl of mine by my side the silver moon and the evening tide
Oh, some sweet day gonna take away this hurtiní inside
Iíll never be blue, my dreams come true on blue bayou

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