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Tabs for the Chromatic harmonica


  Airplane traveling with
Chromatic harmonicas...
Chromatic Harmonica
Image of Marlon Brando with Chromatic harp  

Amazing Grace   Song Tab-C
Song Tab-D
Midi 1(G87)
Midi 2(G90)
Midi 3(F75)
Midi 4(C90)
Midi 5(Ab75)
Midi 6(G96)
Auld Lang Syne   Song Tab-C
Song Tab-D
Midi 1(F125)
Midi 2(D84)
Midi 3(F100)
Midi 4(G100)
Midi 5(Eb88)
Beer Barrel Polka       Song Tab-C Midi 1(F112)
Midi 2(C220)
Midi 3(C115)*

Midi 4(C115)*-harp
Blow the Man Down   Song Tab-C Midi 2(C100)
Blue Bayou       Song Tab-C

Midi 1(Bb101)
Midi 2(F120)
Midi 3(D109)
Midi 4(C94)


Midi 5(F110)
Midi 6(D110)
Midi 7(C110)
Midi 8(B118)
Midi 9(D110)
Midi 10(B100)*

Camptown Races   Song Tab-C
Song Tab-D


Casey Jones   Song Tab-C None Available
Clementine   Song Tab-C
Song Tab-D
Midi  (E130)
Midi 2(G100)
Davy Crockett Ballad   Song Tab-C Midi 1(F125)
Dixie   Song Tab-C
Song Tab-D
Midi 1 (C100)
Midi 2 (G117
Midi 3 (C114)
Midi 4 (C100)
Holy, Holy, Holy   Song Tab-C Midi 1(D120)
How Do I Live Without You   Leanne Rimes   Song Tab-C Midi 1(Eb72)
Midi 2(D130)

Midi 3(D70)*
Midi 4(G165)
I've Been Workin' On The Railroad   Song Tab-C
Song Tab-D
Midi 1(G100)
Midi 2(G100)
Kum Ba Yah   Song Tab-C None Available
My Old Kentucky Home   Song Tab-C
Song Tab-D
Midi 1 (G64)
Midi 2 (C73)

Midi 3 (F120)  
Oh, Susanna   Song Tab-C
Song Tab-D
Midi 1(G100)
Midi 2(D100)
Midi 3(C120)
Midi 4(G108)
Old Folks at Home (Swanee River)   Song Tab-C None Available
Piano Man   Billy Joel Song Tab-C
Song Tab-D
Midi 1 (C100)
Midi 2 (C140)

Midi 3(C120)
Star Spangled Banner   Song Tab-C
Song Tab-D
Midi 1 (G84)
Midi 2 (D90)
Midi 3 (A80)
Midi 4 (Bb100)
Swing Low Sweet Chariot   Song Tab-C Midi 1(G80)
Midi 2(Eb192)
Midi 3(G119
Third Man Theme  

Anton Karas

C/G Song Tab-C Midi 1(C120)
Midi 2(G120)
Midi 3(G140)

Midi 4(C156)
Midi 5(C129)
Midi 6(C75)*
Tom Dooley   Song Tab-C Midi 1(F120)

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