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Songs   Key Tab
Diatonic or
La Bamba Ritchie Valens   Song Tab-D Midi 1(C140)
Midi 2(C145)
Midi 3(C150)
Midi 4(C155)

Midi 5(C156)
Midi 6(F160)
Landslide Fleetwood Mac
Smashing Pumpkins
Dixie Chicks
Eb  Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb83)
Midi 2(Eb79)*
Midi 3(Bb167)
Midi 4(Eb88)

Midi 5(Eb79)*-harp
Last Farewell Roger Whittaker
Elvis Presley
  Song Tab-D Midi 1(Eb80)
Midi 2(Eb90)
Midi 3(Eb85)*
Midi 4(Eb80)
Midi 5(G93)
Midi 6(Gb89)
Midi 7(Eb80)
Midi 8(Eb85)
Midi 9(G93)
Midi 3(Eb85)*harp
Last Kiss J. Frank Wilson
Pearl Jam
Jackie Wilson
   Song Tab-D Midi 1 (C140)
 Midi 2 (F140)

Midi 3(C140)*
Midi4 (C140)*harp
Midi 5(C126)*harp
Last Train To Clarksville The Monkees C  Song Tab-D Midi (A100)
Midi 2(C192)*

Midi 3(C177)
Midi 4(C210)
Midi 5(C190)

Midi 2(C192)*harp
Lay Down Sally Eric Clapton Db  Song Tab-D Midi 1(Db186)*
Midi 2(A190)
Midi 3(D91)

Midi 4(D96)
Midi 5(D86)
Midi 6(A165)
Midi 7(Db186)*-harp
Leavin' On A Jet Plane John Denver
Jefferson Airplane
  Song Tab-D Midi 1(G101)
Midi 2(G136)
Midi 3(G115)
Midi 4(G100)
Let It Be  The Beatles   Song Tab-D Midi 1(C70)
Midi 2(C65)
Midi 3(C74)
Midi 4(C120)
Midi 5(C68)
Let It Be Me Everly Brothers
Kenny Rogers
  Song Tab-D Midi 1(G93)
Midi 2(C91)
Midi 3(C93)
Midi 4(C70)
Midi 5(G93)
Let's Hang On Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons   Song Tab-D Midi 1(Ab140)
Midi 2(Ab128)*
Midi 3(Ab128)*-harp
Lion Sleeps Tonight The Tokens   Song Tab-D Midi 1(G135)
Midi 2(F70)
Midi 3(G115)
Midi 4(G126)

Midi 5(F100)
Midi 6(A145)
Midi 7(Gb122)*
Midi 8(F70)

Midi 9(C112)
Midi 7(Gb122)*-harp
Little Arrows Leapy Lee   Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb210)
Midi 2(C105)
Midi 3(Bb201)
Midi 4(C105)*-harp
Little Brown Jug     Song Tab-D Midi 1(C120)*
Midi 2(G120)
Midi 3(C120)

Midi 1(C120)*Harp
Locomotion Little Eva
Kylie Minogue
  Song Tab-D Midi 1(D130)*
Midi 2(Eb140)
Midi 3(D144)

Midi 4(G120)
Midi 5(Eb133)

Midi 6(C144)
Midi 7(D130)*-harp
Lookin' Out My Backdoor Credence Clearwater Revival   Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb105)
Midi 2(Bb215)
Midi 3(Bb192)
Love Me Do         The Beatles   Song Tab-D Midi 1(G160)
Midi 2(G205)
Midi 3(G140)
Midi 4(C145)
Love Me Tender Elvis Presley   Song Tab-D Midi 1(F94)
Midi 2(D75)
Love Me With All Your Heart  Engleburt Humperdinck   Song Tab-D Midi (E97)  
Love Story Andy Williams   Song Tab-D Midi 1(Bb100)
Midi 2(C96)

Midi 3(Bb80)
Lover's Concerto Denny Randall
Kelly Chan
Sara Vaughn
  Song Tab-D Midi 1 (G140)
Midi 2 (G140)
Midi 3(Db100)

Midi 4(C120)*
Midi 5(G180)
Midi 6(G120)

Midi 7(G138)
Midi 8(F120)

Midi 4(C120)*-harp
Low Rider War
ZZ Top
Cypress Hill
C/G  Song Tab-D Midi 1(C140)*
Midi 2(Db133)

Midi 3(G96)
 Midi 4(C133)
Midi 5(C140)*-harp
Lucille            Kenny Rogers   Song Tab-D Midi 1 (Bb120)
Midi 2(Bb135)
Midi 3(Bb145)
Midi 4(Bb135)
Midi 5(Bb145)*

Midi 5(Bb145)*harp

Background song is Locomotion  (D130)*-harp

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