Looking at Tomorrow - Very Interesting

Subject: Looking at Tomorrow - Very Interesting

 Very Interesting. It reminds one of the joke "The world cannot end today, it is already tomorrow in Australia"


 Above photo shows two islands in sea facing each other silently.

These are not ordinary islands. They are located in Bering Straits.

They belong to two Super Powers - Russia and USA and represent two different days of calendar at any given time.

They are just 2.4 km apart from each other.


The bigger one called Big Diomede with an area of 29 km2 with no population,

belongs to Russia and part of Siberia - 25 km from main land.

International Date Line is about 1.8 km east of this island


The smaller one is called Little Diomede with an area 7.3 km2 with a population of 170, belongs to Alaska - 25 km from main land

International Date Line is about 0.6 km west of this island.


On a clear day, by looking at Big Diomede from Little Diomede -

one can see tomorrow as the time difference between the two islands is exactly 24 hrs.




Close up Sattelite View of both islands




Sattelite view of Bering Straits - Siberia is towards left  & Alaska is in on right side.



Many Russians and even Americans may not be aware of these facts as these islands are quite far away from them.