Only In Texas
@Rachel                                                          Andersen                                                          Reminds me of                                                          the decals you                                                          wore in                                                          tanning
  No                                                          trespassing
This cowboy just trying to get his                                                          caffeine fill.                                                          Moments That

    Starbucks Drive thru ~ Texas Style
Valentine s Day Funnies @Taylor                                                          AsKew if you                                                          see this in                                                          Texas
Spunky Katy, Texas, Gun Store Under                                                          Political                                                          Attack Fights                                                          Ba
Texas Roads-Because we have things                                                          to do and                                                          awesome roads                                                          and

        And reminded you that a driver's                                                          license                                                          doesn't                                                          guarantee                                                          free
Lubbock, Texas is so flat that if                                                          you stand on a                                                          penny you can
Home is Where the Hot Is. Proud to                                                          be a Texas                                                          girl, but I                                                          aint
I want this! ML: When those days                                                          arrive, that's                                                          all warning                                                          the
Sign on a gun store's front door...
Cowboy Humor!!!!                                                          BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Made me think of Anne of Green                                                          Gables. ;)                                                          @Dianna {The                                                          Kitchen

We West Texans are mighty blunt.                                                          Lots of drunk                                                          roughnecks out                                                          h
No Trespassing sign in Texas
E46 BMW 3 Series Cow Edition :-) -                                                          Omg how in the                                                          hell did he
Agreed. Dallas IS great. And, I also                                                          think you                                                          should not                                                          move

the wet stuff from the sky..... Now                                                          that is                                                          funny.
Being a horse person.. this is so                                                          wrong. Haha                                                          where's the                                                          saddl
Seriously people....
Just have to smile looking at this!                                                          :))))))
SERIOUSLY!!!!! thanks to whoever got                                                          it right!!! (I                                                          tell Janell
My husband will probably say this                                                          someday . .

In 1888 the town of Alpine was                                                          named. As soon                                                          as the                                                          townspeop
Texas Food Pyramid: god no wonder                                                          some of is are                                                          fat lol
I am a second hand vegetarian :)
funny caption bullriding got started                                                          with watch                                                          this hold my                                                          be

Laredo Texas :)
Conservative Veterans for America
Must be a Californian horse lol




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