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All My Lovin' (The Beatles)E152

Song Title   Artist or Band

Tab Page

A B C Song (C100

Children's Song


A-B-C (simple as) Ab90


A Beginning (A120)


A Breeze from Alabama (C97)


A Case of the Blues (B126)


A Change (G125)


A Child Is Born (Bb94)

Christmas Song


A Chorus Line (Bb140)

Broadway Musical Theme


A Cottage For Sale (Eb85)


A Dream Is A Wish In Your Heart (G100)

A Fifth of Beethoven-Eb105    
A Fine Romance (B160)    
A Foggy Day (F160)    
A Fool Like Me and You Win Again (C120)    
A Fool Such As I-1 (Eb155
A Fool Such As I-2 (Bb110)

A Fool Such As I-3-G109
A Fool Such As I-4-B115
A Fool Such As I-5-D125
A Fool Such As I-6-C132
A Fool Such As I-7-F90
A Fool Such As I-8-F94
A Girl Like You (Eb130)  Rascals   
A Good Hearted Woman-D110    

A Groovy Kind of Love1-F100
A Groovy Kind of Love2-D78

A Hard Day's Night1-G145
A Hard Day's Night2-Bb135
A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall    
A Hazy Shade of Winter-C132    
A Hundred Pounds Of Clay (Bb140) Gene Daniels  
A Kiss To Build A Dream On (C110)    
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You1 (F137
A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You2-F140)
The Monkees  
A Little Bit More - Bb90 Dr. Hook  
A Little Bit Of Soap (C65)    
A Lover's Question-G130 Clyde McPhlater  
A Man And A Woman (E73)    
A Melody For You1-Bb92    
A Mighty Fortress (Bb80)    
A minuit Fut Fait Un Reveii (C154)    
A Natural Woman1-C37  Aretha Franklin   
A Night In Tunisia1 (Bb185)
A Night In Tunisia2 (Bb185)

A Place In The Sun1-C107
A Place In The Sun2-Bb107
A Place In The Sun3-Bb106
A Polish Lullaby (C170)    
A Quick One (Eb116)    
A Ragtime Nightmare (G96)    
A Rainy Night in Georgia1 (Eb95)
A Rainy Night in Georgia2 (Eb95)
A Rose Has To Die (C134)    
A Satisfied Mind    
A Sign Of The Times  Petula Clark   
A Special Love Song1-C76    
A Star Is Born (C120)    
A Stranger's Just A Friend (C140)    

A Summer Place1-Bb200
A Summer Place2-F200

Song Tab-D

A Summer Song  Chad & Jeremy   

A Taste of Honey1-E120
A Taste of Honey2-C64
A Taste of Honey3-F80
A Taste of Honey4-G144
A Taste of Honey5-D130

A Taste of Honey6-E120
A Team Theme-C132 TV Show Theme  

A Time for Us1-Bb80
A Time for Us2-Bb88

A Time for Us3-C120
A Train-C170    
A Very Merry Unbirthday To You (C130)    
A Walk In The Black Forest (C180)    
A Walk In The Park Halloween Night (G90)    
A Well Respected Man  Kinks   
A Well Springs (Ab125)    
A White Sport Coat-F103    
A Whiter Shade Of Pale1 (C72)
A Whiter Shade Of Pale2 (C72)
Procal Harum   
A Whole New World (F124)    
A Woman, A Lover, A Friend1 (Eb75) Jackie Wilson  

A Woman In Love1-B84
A Woman In Love2-C85
A Woman In Love3-Gb84
Bee Gees  
A Woman Left (Bb100)    
A World Without Love  Peter & Gordon   
Aba Daba Honeymoon-C160
Aba Daba Honeymoon2-Eb170
Debbie Reynolds  
Abandoned Love    

About Lake Five C156)    
Above (Bb80)    

Abraham, Martin and John - #1-F90
Abraham, Martin and John - #2-F115
Abraham, Martin and John - #3-F135

Song Tab-D

Accentuate The Positive (Eb135)    
Absolutely Sweet Marie    
Accustomed To Her Face (Eb85)    
Aces High1-C170    

Achy Breaky Heart1-A120
Achy Breaky Heart2-A123
Achy Breaky Heart3-A120
Achy Breaky Heart4-A125
Achy Breaky Heart5-A123
Achy Breaky Heart6-A120
Billy Ray Cyrus  
Across The Alley From The Alamo (F170)    
Act Naturally1 (G140)
Act Naturally2 (G160)
Action (G172)  Freddy Cannon   
Adams Breakdown (G155)    
Adams Family Theme1-Bb140
Adams Family Theme2-F120
TV Show Theme Song  

Addicted to Love1-G113
Addicted to Love2-G112
Robert Palmer  
Aida-Ab90 Sarah McLachlan  
Adieu (F100)    
AEIOU (F120) From Alice In Wonderland  
Affair To Remember (F76)    

African Flower (A120)    
After 40 Days In The Desert (Jam) (Bb102)    
After All-D72 Cher and Peter Cetera  
After Forever (C115)    

After Midnight1-Bb120
After Midnight2-Bb138
After Midnight3-Eb108
After Midnight4-G120
After Midnight5-A190

After Midnight6-G100
Eric Clapton  
After You've Gone1  (Bb220)
After You've Gone2  (Bb200)

Afternoon Delight1-F115
Afternoon Delight2-F145
Starland Vocal Band
Afternoon In Paris1 (C200
Afternoon In Paris 2 (B200)
Against All Odds1 (B65)
Against All Odds2 (Db55)
Against All Odds3 (B65)

Against the Wind1-C110
Against the Wind2-G110
Age of Aquarius-Eb93 Fifth Dimension  
Ain't A Gonna Grieve    

Ain't Misbehavin'1-F100
Ain't Misbehavin'2-Eb88
Ain't Misbehavin'3-Eb200
Ain't Misbehavin'4-Eb132
Ain't' Misbehavin'5-Eb88
Ain't No Man Righteous (no Not One)    
Ain't No More Cane    

Ain't No Mountain High Enough1-F120
Ain't No Mountain High Enough2-Eb240
Ain't No Mountain High Enough3-Eb99

Ain't No Sunshine1-C76
Ain't No Sunshine2-C77
Ain't No Woman1 (C104)
Ain't No Woman2 (C102)

Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing1-Eb95
Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing2-Eb90
Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing3-Eb103
Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell  
Ain't She Sweet?-Eb162
Ain't She Sweet?2-C150
Ain't She Sweet?3-Bb140

Ain't That A Shame1-F120
Ain't That A Shame2-Ab57
Fats Domino  
Ain't That Peculiar  Marvin Gaye   
Ain't This The Life? (G200)    
Ain't Too Proud To Beg-G115 Temptations 
Four Tops
Air Force Hymn (C132)   Song Tab-D
Air From Suite No. 3 (D87)    
Air That I Breathe-C90 The Hollies  
Air Wolf (Db135) TV Show Theme Song  
Aladdin Suite (C128)    
Aladdin (C128)    
Alaska (C85)    
Alabatross1 (E80
Albatross 2 (E68)
Albatross 3 (E198)
Fleetwood Mac  
Alberta #1    
Alberta #2    
Alexander's Ragtime Band1-Ab132    
Alf (G141)    
Alfie 1 (C63)
Alfie 2 (C80)
Alfie 3 (C75)
Alice In Wonderland (F100)    
Alka Seltzer (C124) TV Commercial Song  
All Alone-F112    
All Along The Watchtower1-E114
All Along The Watchtower2-C126

All By Myself1-C60
All By Myself2-F250
All By Myself3-F60
All By Myself4-G360
Green Day  
All Day And All Of The Night-G125 Kinks   
All For Love (D77 Bryan Adams  
All I Ask Of You (D120)    

All I Ever Need Is You1-G100
All I Ever Need Is You2-G105
Sonny and Cher  

All I Have To Do Is Dream1-F95
All I Have To Do Is Dream2-Eb110
All I Have To Do Is Dream3-Eb90

All I Have To Do Is Dream4-Eb90
All I Have To Do Is Dream5-Eb130
Everly Brothers  
All I Need Is A Miracle-C240    
All I Really Want To Do    
All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun-G122 Cheryl Crow  
All I Want To Do Is Make Love To You-G103 Heart  
All In Love Is Fair (Bb96)    

All In The Game1-D120
All In The Game2-D100
All In The Golden Afternoon (Eb115)    
All Is Well-F92    
All Kinds Of People (C97)    
All My Ex's Live In Texas 1 (A120)
All My Ex's Live In Texas 2 (C120)
All My Heroes Have Been Cowboys1-D160    
All My Hopes (Eb110)    
All My Life-Db125 KC and JoJo  

All My Lovin'1-C140
All My Lovin'2-F135
All My Lovin'3-E152
All My Lovin'4-E155

All My Lovin'5-E125
All My Lovin'6-F135
The Beatles  
All My Tomorrows (G86)    
All Night Long-Bb107 Lionel Ritchie  
All Of Me1-Eb115
All Of Me2-C140
All Of Me3-Bb160
Willie Nelson  
All Of You (Eb123)    
All Out Of Love-C110    
All Over Now-G100    
All Over You    

All Right Now1-A124
All Right Now2-D120

All Shook Up1-Bb140
All Shook Up2-Bb153
All Shook Up3-Bb145
All Shook Up4-Bb145

All Shook Up5-A160
Elvis Presley  

All That She Wants1-Db95
All That She Wants2-B96
Ace of Base  
All That Thrills My Soul (Bb80)    
All The Girls I've Loved (G97)    
All The Gold In California-F110 Larry Gatlin  
All The Things You Are (Ab120)    
All The Tired Horses    
All The Way (Eb77)    
All Things Must Pass (Ab84)    
All Those Years Ago (D120)    

All Through the Night1-Ab95
Debby Harry and Blondie Song Tab-D

All Through the Night1-C130
All Through the Night2-F75
Children's Song  
All You Do Is Put Me Down (C150)    

All You Need Is Love1-C102
All You Need Is Love2-C103
All You Need Is Love3-G105
Alla Turca (C110)    
Alleghany Moon (A90)    

Alley Cat1-C90
Alley Cat2-G125
Bent Fabric  
Alley Oop-G128 Hollywood Argyles  
Almost Grown (C126)    
Almost Like A Song (C80)    
Almost (G100)    
Aloha O (C118)    

Alone Again, Naturally1-Bb120
Alone Again, Naturally2-F88
Alone Again, Naturally3-Gb85
Alone Again, Naturally4-F85

Song Tab-D

Alone (Bb237)    
Alone (D115)
Bee Gees  
Alone In The Night (A118)    
Alone Together1-Eb130    
Along Came Jones-F190 The Coasters  
Along Comes A Woman-D115    
Along Comes Mary-G140 Association  
Along The Watchtower (Eb114)    
Alphabet Song-C100 Kids Song

Song Tab-D

Already Gone1-G144
Already Gone2-G140)

Always a Woman To Me1-Eb53
Always a Woman To Me2-Eb50
Always a Woman To Me3-Eb100

Always and Forever1-G52
Always and Forever2-E55
Always Be My Baby1-E80
Always Be My Baby2-F76
Mariah Carey  
Bon Jovi  
Always Coca Cola-D124  (I'd Like to Teach...) TV Commercial Theme Song

Song Tab-D

Always Something There To Remind Me1-G148
Always Something There To Remind Me2-F160
Always Something There To Remind Me3-F148
All Saints
Nikki McKibbin (American Idol)

Song Tab-D

Am I Blue (F120)    
Am I Losing You? (Bb120)    
Am I That Easy To Forget?-C120    
Amarillo By Morning-Bb110    
Amazed (C120)    
Amazing 1 (Eb140)
Amazing 2 (D80)
Amazing 3(C60)
Amazing Grace1-G87
Amazing Grace2-G90
Amazing Grace3-F75
Amazing Grace4-C90
Amazing Grace5-Ab75
Amazing Grace6-G96
Amazing Grace7-C120
Religious Song Song Tab-D
Amazing Grace, Dixie, Battle Hymn (Bb88)    

America The Beautiful (C100)    
American Bandstand-C217 TV Show Theme Song  
American Beauty Rag (Eb88)    
American Made-A130 Oakridge Boys  
American Patrol (F183)    
American Pie 1(G73)
American Pie 2(G95)
American Pie 3(G95)
American Pie 4(G95)
American Pie 5(Ab76)
American Pie 6(G89
American Pie 7(G73)
Don McLean



Song Tab-C



American Trilogy (C95) Elvis Presley  

American Woman-1-G104
American Woman2-Bb85
American Woman3-Gb83
American Woman4-E88
Guess Who  
Among My Souvenirs (Eb105)    
An American Tale (C85)    
An Innocent Man (Db96) Billy Joel  
Anchors Aweigh1 (F120)
Anchors Aweigh2 (C120)

And I Love Her1-A120
And I Love Her2-A92
And I Love Her3-A120
And I Love Her4-E96
And I Love Her5-E105

And I Love Her6-Eb123
And I Love Her7-A115
And I Love Her8-A120
The Beatles  
And The Angels Sing (E126)    
And Then He Kissed Me1-G120
And Then He Kissed Me2-G120)
  Song Tab-D
Song Tab-D
And When I Die-A70 Blood, Sweat and Tears  
Andromeda Polka (Eb120)    
Fleetwood Mac  
Angel (Eb93) Aerosmith  
Angelic Guitars (G120)    
Angel Baby-C70
Angel Baby2-C140
Rosie and the Originals  

Angel Eyes1-C96
Angel Eye2-C100
Angel Eyes3-F85
Angel Eyes4-F120
Angel Eyes5-B132

Angel of the Centerfold1-C100

Angel Of The Morning1-C100
Angel Of The Morning2-C100
Angel Of The Morning3-Eb90
Angel Of The Morning4-Bb75
Juice Newton
Merrilee Rush & The Turnabouts 
Song Tab-D
Angels We Have Heard On High (F150)    

Rolling Stones  
Angle Yes (G185)    
Angry (Bb224)    
Animaniacs1 (Bb168)
Animaniacs2 (Ab166
Animaniacs3 (Bb166)
Animaniacs4 (Bb172)
Anna (F124)    
Anneliese (F124)    
Annie Laurie-C96    

Annie's Song1-Ab94
Annie's Song2-D104
Annie's Song3-D116
Annie's Song4-D150
Annie's Song5-D60
John Denver

Song Tab-D

Anniversary Song (F135)    
Anniwitz (F111)    
Another Saturday Night-G128 Sam Cooke  Song Tab-D
Another You (Eb146)    
Any Day Now1-F102
Any Day Now2-F107
Any Love (C93)    
Any Old Time Of The Day (F103)    
Any Time-G125 Eddy Arnold  
Any Way You Want Me-F160    
Anyone Who Had A Heart (F49)    
Anything Goes (Eb122)    
Anytime You Need A Friend (G68) Mariah Carey  
Anyway You Want It1-F160
Anyway you Want It2-F80
Dave Clark Five  

The Ventures  
Apartment Number 9 (C90)    
Apollo 13 (C151) Movie Theme Song  
Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie1-G135
Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie2-G115
Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie3-C123
Jay and the Techniques  
Apple Suckling Tree    
June 30, 2006 Fools (Bb71)    
June 30, 2006 In Paris1 (A106)
June 30, 2006 In Paris2 (C120)
June 30, 2006 Joy (F115    
June 30, 2006 Love1-F90
June 30, 2006 Love2-C100
June 30, 2006 Love3-G120
Pat Boone  
June 30, 2006 Showers (C95)    

Fifth Dimension  
Arabian Nights1 (C111)
Arabian Nights2 (D130
Arabian Nights3 (C128)
Are You Gonna Go My Way1 (D129)
Are You Gonna Go My Way2 (D127)
Lenny Kravitz  

Are You Lonesome Tonight1-C66
Are You Lonesome Tonight2-C108
Are You Lonesome Tonight3-C86
Are You Lonesome Tonight4-C76

Are You Lonesome Tonight5-C93
Are You Lonesome Tonight6-C86
Are You Lonesome Tonight7-C94

Are you Lonesome Tonight8-C125
Elvis Presley  Song Tab-D
Are You Ready?    
Arkansas Traveler1 (D240)
Arkansas Traveler2-D210
Arkansas Traveler3-D110
Arkansas Traveler4-F174
Arkansas Traveler5-D240
Arkansas Traveler6-D216
Arkansas Traveler7-D240
Traditional Song  
Armadillo Breakdown (G250)    
Around and Around (C180)    
Around The World (G180)    
Arrive Dercici Aoamor (C121)    
Arthur McBride    

Arthur's Theme1-B135
Arthur's Theme2-Db135
Arthur's Theme3-A130
Theme From Movie  
As Good As It Gets (F139)    
As I Went Out One Morning    
As Long As I Have You (F93)    
As Long As You Love Me1 (C99)
As Long As You Love Me2 F99)
Backstreet Boys  

As Tears Go By1-D107
As Tears Go By2-G110
As Tears Go By3-G110
Rolling Stones 

 Song Tab-D

As Time Goes By1 (F83)
As Time Goes By2 (C80)
As Time Goes By3 (C81)

As Time Goes By4-(Eb100)
Ashokan Farewell1 (D97)
Ashokan Farewell2 (C80)

Ashokan Farewell3 (D111)
Ashokan Farewell4 (D90)
Ashokan Farewell 5 (D60)
Ashokan Farewell 6 (D100)
Ashokan Farewell 7(D100)
Ashokan Farewell 8(C136)

USA Civil War Song

 Song Tab-D

At 17 (C123) Janis Ian  
At Last (Gb57)    
At Long Last Love (Eb126)    
At The Ball1 (Eb120)    
At The Hop1-G206
At The Hop2-G165
At The Hop3-Ab190
Danny and the Juniors  
A-Team (B132) TV Show Theme Song  
Attitude (F126)    
Auf Der Reeperbahn Nachts Um Halb Eins (G192)    
Auf Meinen Berg Bin Ich Koenig (C120)    
Auf Wiedersehn (C98)    

Auld Lang Syne1-F125
Auld Lang Syne2-D84
Auld Lang Syne3-F100
Auld Lang Syne4-G100
Auld Lang Syne5-Eb88
Auld Lang Syne6-C114
New Year's Eve Song

Song Tab-D

Autumn In New York1-F88
Autumn In New York2-Bb84
Autumn Leaves1-G145
Autumn Leaves2-G85
Autumn Nocturne (C100)    
Autumn Of My Life (F99)    
Autumn Serenade (F120)    
Autumn (G100)    
Ave Maria1 (Bb85
Ave Maria2 (C110)
Awaiting On You All (D164)    
Away In The Manger1 (F114)
Away In The Manger2 (G120)
Christmas Song

Song Tab-D

Away (C100)    

Axel F1 -A130
Axel F2 - Eb230
Axel F3 - A133
From Beverley Hills Cop Movie