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  French Toast    

8 Large Eggs
4 Tbls Sugar
3 Tbls Cinnamon
1/2 Cup Whipping Cream (use milk in a pinch -not the same, though)
1/2 Cup Triple Sec
3/4 Tsp Zest of Orange (spice section)
  Sliced Bread (slightly stale)
  Canola oil or butter (for frying)
  Whip eggs until smooth.  Add sugar, cinnamon, whipping cream, Triple Sec and Zest of Orange.  Mix until smooth with a fork.

Heat a skillet at half temperature until hot.  Spread oil or butter to coat the skillet.

Use slightly stale or dryer bread slice to soak up the mixture.  Use Texas bread slices too (slightly thicker).  Give bread slices a good bath in egg mix and move to hot skillet.  Be careful not to burn - cook evenly on each side.  Re-coat skillet as necessary before adding more slices of bread.

DO NOT combine with syrups until you have tasted them without syrup or powdered sugar.

My kids get out of bed for this breakfast.  It's quick and delicious.

Serve HOT!   You might want to put the made French Toast in the microwave at "Keep Warm"  setting until ready to serve.

I'm not giving calorie or fat information on this recipe.  If you get fat - stop eating them!

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