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 Merle Purintun      Navy 1942

#1 LeRoy (Poncho), Alan, Jay and Mark Purintun 1957 or 1958
#2 Mark, Dickie, Patti, Alan, Jay and LeRoy (Poncho) about 1963

Vickie Purintun (1964?)

Romanowski home, Chetek Wisconsin (1935?) Grandfather Roy Purintun   (1920?) William and Donna Purintun image of wedding day
on their 50th anniversary.

Mary Ruth               Mary Elizabeth       Mary Elizabeth
Purintun                    Scott Senior           Scott about 1905

Mary Purintun (about 1948)
? Patricia Romanowski, Merle Purintun,
Pauline (Romanowski) Sandelski and Leona (Romanowki) Zwernik
Dickie, Patti, and Leona (Romanowski) Zwernik(1958)    
Mark Purintun -           Mark Purintun
Ft. Leonard Wood     Chu Lai, Vietnam
Aug 1967                   Nov 1969

Mark Purintun              Mark Purintun
and Faustino Requiza   Chu Lai, Vietnam
Chu Lai Vietnam             Apr 1970
Mar 1970                             
Jay Purintun and Lori (Hill) Marik (1981) Alice Purintun (Jay's first wife), Lori (Hill) Marik, Jay Purintun, Tim Hill, Alan Purintun, Claudette Purintun, Jeff Hill, Mark Purintun and LeRoy Purintun (1981)      
Vickie Purintun, Pauline, Sophie Scott and Sally Popovich (1975) Vickie Purintun's teenage friends, John and Sally Popovich, Vickie Romanowski and Eddie Romanowski (1939) Vickie and Merle Purintun|
wedding day Feb 2, 1947
Vickie Romanowski, Pauline, Sally Romanowski and Sophie Romanowski (1940) Frank and Pauline (Romanowski) Sandelski wedding day (1940) with Anton and Patricia Romanowski (grandparents) Sophie Scott, Helen (LeRoy (Poncho) Purintun's Godmother and Sally Popovich (1950)    
Patricia Romanowski, Myrtle (Leo's Romanowski's wife) and my Godmother and Sally Romanowski (1950) John Popovich, Paticia and Anton Romanowski and Sally Popovich (1950's) Selma, William, Dotty, Merle and Sonna Purintun 1926    
Donna and William Purintun (1995?)
(dad's older brother)
50th wedding anniversary


Christy Purintun, Lori Hill and Rachel Purintun (1987) Vickie Purintun, Patricia Romanowski, Leona and Walter Zwernik and Eddie Romanowski (1959)


Vickie Purintun (1962 or 1963
Chicago, Illinois
Sally and John Popovich (1964)
Chicago, Illinois
Patti, Dickie Purintun and grandfather Anton Romanowski (1959)    
#1 LeRoy (Poncho), Alan, Jay and Mark Purintun 1957 or 1958        


#1 Jay Purintun (d3/07)
Jay Purintun
John and Sally Popovich (R)
with John's step parents (L)
St. John of God
Chicago, Illinois
Vickie and Jon
Beaudoin wedding 1984
Patricia and Anton
Romanowski with
Sally Popovich (1952)
LeRoy (Poncho)
Purintun (1980)
Vickie Romanowski (1938)
At 15
Mark and Claudette
Married Dec 9, 1972

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